We are excited to announce that We are rebranding!

So we’ve changed the way we work, we look, by uniting our current businesses under one brand – Reos.


Since inception, Cube26 has been working in the Android customisation space with our B2B partners, giving the consumers a taste of our software expertise through our OEM relations.


Last year, we decided it’s time to build a culture and familiarity of smart products in India. That’s when we entered the market with Iota Smart Lite, a bluetooth enabled, smartphone controlled bulb.

Iota Lite got immense support and appreciation from the consumers and has motivated us to further enrich their lives with our software products.


The new brand, Reos, is our consumer facing Software and Hardware brand. It will provide future unity to these successful businesses that have previously operated separately and it will provide a platform for solid growth.


We will continue to work with our business partners through our parent brand Cube26. Through Reos and this unifying process, we aim to build one brand that is recognised and respected by our consumers and our clients.

Why Reos?

Our Vision

With Reos we would like to extend Cube26’s vision of Making Devices Smarter directly to consumers. As a brand we have set ourselves 3 core priorities – Mobile, Artificial Intelligence & India.

Our Products

Reos Mobile Experience

A truly empowering mobile experience that understands, anticipates, and responds according to your needs. We aim to offer a simplified, connected and better life through our Super apps – Reos Message, Reos Camera and Reos Music.

Make way for the Reos Experience. Giving us a quick access to everything that matters. Reos is enabled with an interactive service and function integration in one app that challenges the status quo.

Reos Lite

Reos Lite is the new, upgraded version of the smart bulb. The bulb comes with new exciting features such as new modes, schedules and alerts along with the revamped music sync option. Other features include – adjustable colour temperature from Cool White to Warm White (2700K to 6500K), 13W Power and 1100 Lumen total luminous flux. Reos Lite costs Rs. 1699/- and is available on Flipkart for Indian consumers from 31st August 2016.

Let’s tell you what’s there in our name

Reos originates from the Greek work Rheo that means flow. The word flow symbolises our vision of creating a seamless unification of technology and human instincts to create products that are sensitive and responsive to their users needs.

The logo

This symbol is based on Michelangelo Pistoletto’s sign for ‘The third paradise’ taken from the book of the same name.This well defines our vision to get the world of technology and humans together.

Over the last few months we’ve poured our hearts and souls into this release, we’re very happy with the response we have received from our consumers. Software has always been a driving force of any hardware product, however, this fact is getting its due recognition now and with Reos we want to further emphasise of this future trend.

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