Tech Companies Acknowledging Women Technophiles

While you are reading this, the today’s tech-savvy woman sitting right across you might be discussing her plans to buy Fitbit Aria and you would ponder and then, eventually Google about it.

This is today’s superwoman embracing technology.

Young or old, women are now using technology in some way or the other in the form of smartphones or social media.  This was not the case earlier in the 80s and 90s when computing was an expensive, nerdy, generally inaccessible hobby. However, today, when we go into any public space and watch the middle and high school girls, we will be hard pressed to find one that isn’t glued to a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

For decades, people wondered when women would take the technology industry by storm. Finally, the time has come when powerful tech women like Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, etc. have taken over the tech world and are leading big corporate giants today. These women are the bread and butter of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest. They are generating an incredible amount of content. They are building new communities for themselves.

The reality is that the modern, middle-class woman is not just an effective consumer, but also a knowledgeable supplier and a crucial decision maker when it comes to procuring technology for use.

This trend has finally motivated technology companies to evolve & adapt according to the needs of women to help them balance their daily roles easily and effectively. Be it apps, fitness devices, home automation, everything’s being designed to cater to the needs of women.

If we compare earlier Smart Watches with the recent ones, there is a noticeable improvement on the aesthetic front. The recent launches by Fossil, Samsung are the not so boring ‘tech’ but the fashion tech that is here to stay. Same goes for fitness devices like Mira, Fitbit, the new version of which is a seamlessly integrated health tracking tech with signature designer looks.

Another interesting thing to look at is that companies have now started to look at women related products at a micro level rather than just global. The needs, problems & choices of women differ across geographies and that is now one of the biggest parameters while designing & defining products.

Women are multi-taskers and technology is proving itself to be the perfect assistant to  reduce their workload. With connected devices rapidly catching up in the home automation space, it’s important for companies to wake up to the fact that women today are embracing technology as much as their male counterparts.

This is the golden age of technology and women and the future looks exciting at how their harmonious collaboration is going to change the face of tech products.


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