Hackathons vs Marathons

Innovation runs in the blood of every technology company and Cube26 is no different. We take it very seriously, in a way that we don’t believe in running sprints, rather aim at winning marathons. Now you might be confused why am I using these athletic terms here.

Let me take a step back and share a small incident. One of my childhood friends who was a great sprinter once decided to take part in a marathon. As usual, he used his all time winning strategy to leave everyone behind by running fast from the very beginning. It went well for him till the first checkpoint, however, he felt a slight dip in his speed after the first two rounds, which became significant in the fourth one. He then noticed other competitors going ahead and he could not compete. He was not able to complete more than 5 laps while others finished the race.

I believe the reason he lagged was that he did not realise that different strategies need to apply to win a marathon and a sprint. Now the obvious question that comes to our mind is, how is this incident related to a tech company and innovation. In order to win, we need to run but running blindly can help only for a short while, it will not make you winner in the longer run.

Today we are observing the same phenomenon in the corporate world. A number of companies are shifting towards hackathons, they want to establish the fact that they support innovations aka hackathons. Hackathons have been great, I have always been a fan, in fact, I met my cofounders Saurav and Akash in the US. However, in the last few years, I have noticed some glitches which lead to a slight change in my opinion, that Hackathons are not always the right way.

Hackathons vs Marathons

Hackathons are best when you are learning to run when you want something done. They are like beautiful teenage love. However, as you grow, you need something stable, something more than just a sprint, something that builds your stamina and showcases your strength.

That is why at Cube26 we have started marathons.

Tech marathons are the next big thing that can build your company.It’s a short sprint of few days, where the whole company plans to achieve something which is usually difficult to crack on a normal day, but yet with a decent doable target. The aim is to get everyone together to complete critical tasks that are need of the hour. Of course, all normal day rules of code review and testing applies + coke + chips + redbulls.

What lies in for the developers

It’s an interesting yet challenging exercise for the entire team (Developers, Product Managers, Designers). For a technical person, a marathon is a dream come true, you get short sprint challenges, you work with the best minds, there is deadline where you code, but while maintaining code quality. And of-course you get a bell to ring and let everyone know that you(and the company) have achieved something.

Yes, we like to make it interesting!

With ardent Sci-fi fans in the house the theme of the marathon is Star Wars, wherein our Storm Troopers (developers) are working on the Death Star (The expected product). However, unlike the movie, we will make sure our ship survives and takes us above and beyond.

Codes will be up and running at Cube26 for the next 20 days.

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